Tales From The Ten Tailed Cat


Tales From The Ten Tailed Cat

The Ten-Tailed Cat in the back streets of Talabheim is a notorious gathering place for thieves, raconteurs and the tellers of tall tales. People go there for many reasons, some to remember, others to forget, whilst some go to regale the other patrons with their tales of danger and excitement! The Complete Tales from the Ten-Tailed Cat is an awesome collection of comic strips with a sting in the tale from such illustrious writers as Jasper Bark, Dan Abnett, Simon Spurrier and many more! Presented in our great new "pocket-sized" format, this graphic novel also includes the first two volumes in the series!

Published On: 17 Feb 2005

Publisher: The Black Library

ISBN-10: 1844161455

ISBN-13: 978-1844161454

Available In Paperback

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